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Classic US Cars

This nostalgic metal sign collection depicts some of the best in American motoring. It has something for now and from years gone by.
The Hummer originally designed for the troops, but a favorite today for those that love those SUV's.

The Corvette and the thunderbird bring back nostalgic memories of the 50's diner. The Jeep a forces vehicle of yester year, but still a popular favorite today.

Classic British Cars - A Trip Down Memory Lane

Classic, vintage, retro, it doesn't matter how you say it, these are great cars. The range of Nostalgic Metal Signs depicts cars from all walks of life, whether it is your luxury car, working car, or old favorites like the Mini Cooper. These are cars that will bring back memories for anybody that likes British Cars.

This nostalgic collection of metal signs has something for just about everyone from every walk of life. Working vehicles like the Land Rover, one of the first 4x4 vehicles, built to go just about anywhere. Luxury vehicles like the Jaguar and the Morgan.

Old favorites like the Morris Minor, the Mini Cooper, the Triumph Herald and the Ford Escort Mexico. The Classic Sports cars like the Austin Healey, Jaguar XK, and the Triumph TR3.

Classic European Cars

Cars manufactured in Europe that we have all seen from the major manufacturers, back in the days when European cars were made in Europe and shipped all over the world. These vehicles truly are European.

Volkswagen, BMW, Citroen to name but a few. Many of these manufacturers have plants around the world today, but back in the days of these classic vehicles, they were manufactured back in their home countries in Germany and France.

This collection portrays just a few of the classics that have been around over the years.

We hope you will browse through this range and select the items you would like!  


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